Best friends

"We have everything in common, we have all the same game systems." - Kid talking about his best friend.


Lady with a sob story wanted to sell a bros grimm book, an interesting but valueless book, and nearly broke down when I offered only $1. Then she skulks around the shop looking for what a 'valuable' book looks like and proceeds to break the stool by standing on one of the crossbars.
Spend more time dealing with crap people want to sell than with selling anything!


Just dumped my bowl of cereal all over me and the chair and the floor... argh. not a good start to the day. My pants are sopping..


I hate banks, and I hate BofA more than any of them. Their website sucks, and everytime I've had a problem with cc's or banks it seems to be BofA.


Had a costly return on a cheap online order.

Just got jacked for over $70 on a $10 book that the customer didn't like. They didn't like it because they felt it wasn't published in a high enough quality... Despite the fact that it was described as poorly printed, and there was a picture for reference. An online order, that they returned without permission, and debited the unnecessary overseas express! return shipping from our account. Lost more on the shipping than the book will ever be worth.


offical curmudgeonly bookseller

Managed to piss off a 'customer' (are they still a customer if they don't buy anything?) who felt wasn't helpful enough. He comes roaring over in his huge SUV and slams bouncing into the curb, hops out and immediately gives a poor impression. After letting him in an hour and a half after closing time, while busy with the #$%@# computer (trying to get things finished up to could go home!), and after directing him to the self-help section where the book he wanted would have been - if there was one in the store, which dunno, can't memorize everything (especially the self-help stuff), felt lucky to recognize the author when he named it. After he threw a fit over the lack of help, went back and found a book by the author, but it was the wrong one or else he was too annoyed to purchase it. Guess officially a curmudgeonly bookseller now...

Whole Lotta Shakin'

Last 3 days this old guy's been coming in, after betting on the ponies, (from which conclude since he bought all the horse racing books in the store, and had a racing form magazine and pays in cash). He got his walkman blasting classic rock, which seems later than his era, and his hips are a-shakin', enough so that seemed like he was either having a fit, trying to catch his balance or rockin' out. Since he never fell, and seemed cognizant, guess it was the 3rd. He made a total mess of every shelf he looked at, leaving piles everywhere and randomly reshelving everything, really getting annoying, until he drops 2 bills on some books, each day, then his behaviour becomes merely eccentric...


Bettie Page!

Pin-up Queen Bettie Page, at 85, is now in Flying Spaghetti Monster cheese-cake/stripper heaven.

She was placed on life support last week after suffering a heart attack in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness, said her agent, Mark Roesler. He said he and Page's family agreed to remove life support. Before the heart attack, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.