Gah!, lady comes in, first off with a big open cup of tea or something, and she keeps setting it on the shelf, okay, she didn't spill it, but yikes, then! she's looking in the romance, and shuffling stacks around getting things all out of order, She can't find an author, so I carefully point out that the books are organized alphabetically by the authors last name (or at least they were until she got into them), so if she's looking for an author whose name begins with an 'S' she should look under the sign that says 'Romance S' not where it says 'Romance B', I decline to comment on her yelling for assistance from across the store, but she's lucky I even heard her as books make fairly good sound baffles. Astoundingly she actually gets some books (for trade of course), I was beginning to wonder about her ability to read...

How come I never hear about this stuff when it happens?