San Diego Comic-Con 2008


Sci-Fi Channel
Kevin Eastman
Steve Rude
Colleen Doran
David Petersen
Bill Plympton
James A. Owen
Simon Bisley
Rick Geary

Eoin Colfer


The Con Mob
Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges - Fables.

hEcToR SeViLlA


Dalek going after David

Max Brooks the Zombie guy

Bill Tucci - AIW

Bill Tucci - booth girl

Daniel Liester artitst on Zenescope's Beyond Wonderland

Steve Purcell - Sam & Max

Underworld chicks

Princess Lia's behind

On the way out.

Senor Donut!


Guy with a cane, and perhaps a slight English accent, comes in looking for Byron, finds a combo Byron Keats Shelley, and when purchasing says "I should go next door," (across the way is a BevMo) "and get some Absinthe for reading this."
"I wouldn't be surprized if they did have some there." I say.
"Oh, they do. Trust me, I know." he answers with a grin.