It's astounding how a pretty girl can get anything she wants. I'd never really seen it in action before. So A- and I were at the show, she's 20 has a pretty, though not striking face, and it fairly well endowed, but was wearing several layers of sweater & coat, so certainly wasn't dressed to thrill. Over the course of the day she was given several items just for expressing interest in them. Then while standing in line and being chatted up by some guy who she wasn't interested in and who she said was annoying - until he bought her lunch, then she was fine with him hanging around. And she wasn't even _trying_! I'd heard of this but really seeing it in action was amazing. Guys will do anything for a pretty face if it smiles at them... Not that I can claim dispassion or something, but it was interesting seeing it from the outside - as it were - for once.


Another loss

Report: Arthur C. Clarke, Dead at 90
By Sharon Weinberger icon_email 1.gif March 18, 2008 | 6:06:00 PM
clarke.jpg An aide to the famous science fiction writer tells the Associated Press that Arthur C. Clarke has died. That's all the news available at the moment. The author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, reportedly died in Sri Lanka, where he had been living for over 50 years.
If ever there was a need for a good biography, it is about Clarke. Revered as both a futurist and science fiction writer, he is also credited with proposing geostationary communications satellites. The breadth of his work and mysterious private life (which included accusations of pedophilia) would make for an intriguing story.