New Risk; Borders download centers

Hasbro is planning a fall release for a revamped version of Risk that will provide 3 different modes of play depending on the players' skill levels and the amount of time they have to play the game--yes, there will be a 60-90 minute version, but you won't be able to conquer the whole world in that time frame:
Borders has opened the first of 14 "concept" stores planned to debut this year--and in addition to the state-of-the-art digital center, the store's have a special emphasis on several categories including graphic novels:

Fwd: Monopoly the Movie?!; Akira Live!

Universal signed an agreement with Hasbro to produce four movies based on Hasbro properties such as Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering, and Clue:
Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros. are planning to release the first half of a 2-part live action adaptation of Akira in 2009:


Blu-ray Wins!

In the wake of the decision by Wal-Mart to carry Blu-ray discs exclusively starting in June, Toshiba is ending support for the HD high definition format: