offical curmudgeonly bookseller

Managed to piss off a 'customer' (are they still a customer if they don't buy anything?) who felt wasn't helpful enough. He comes roaring over in his huge SUV and slams bouncing into the curb, hops out and immediately gives a poor impression. After letting him in an hour and a half after closing time, while busy with the #$%@# computer (trying to get things finished up to could go home!), and after directing him to the self-help section where the book he wanted would have been - if there was one in the store, which dunno, can't memorize everything (especially the self-help stuff), felt lucky to recognize the author when he named it. After he threw a fit over the lack of help, went back and found a book by the author, but it was the wrong one or else he was too annoyed to purchase it. Guess officially a curmudgeonly bookseller now...

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