Gah I HATE drama. Why can't people keep their personal feelings to themselves?! and let things be.
And I dislike it when people don't keep their word, sure it's minor, but it becomes more and more annoying as they continue to break small promises. One of the reasons I try to never commit to a specific action or date ahead of time is that once I give my word I'm going to feel committed to hold to it, regardless of how difficult, expensive, or inconvenient it may later become to do what I said, I'll still do it. I consistently rely on what others say they will do, as if they really will do what they have said, and am consistently disappointed, no, not _every_ thing, but enough that it becomes annoying. Why can't they at least let me know ahead of time if they're not going to do as they say?! So I don't count on it and fail to make other plans.
And why don't people be specific and clear about things! If there is something they want done, don't just assume I know what the hell they are thinking! spell it out! be as specific as possible. Ok I'm guilty of the last as well, but when I try to get the specifics out of people they tend to think I'm being deliberately obtuse when it's the exact opposite I'm trying to accomplish!
</end rant>

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