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Almost exclusively (at least in our store) Mein Kampf is purchased by philosophy 'students' or people attempting to figure him out. After all if you don't have all the information how can you come to an full conclusion? I see nothing morally wrong with selling _any_ used book. Banning those books, even by the expedient of not offering them, merely makes them forbidden fruit and all the more desirable to those that might agree with them. Banning any book is morally repugnant, regardless of it's probable merit, or lack thereof.

At 11/21/2006 02:56 PM, you wrote:
interesting topic.  What about other material like Mein Kampf? Anyone
have any standing policies?

It was announced a few moments ago that the O.J.Simpson book, "If I
Did It" has been pulled from distribution and the accompanying TV
special has been cancelled.

Apparently some copies of the book have already been sold. Estimates
range from several hundred to several thousand copies now in readers'
hands. I have been unable to learn whether any ARCs were distributed.

So what is the collective wisdom here??  Is this likely to become a
collector's item?  Should scouts scour the shelves for any remaining
copies?  Is this something you would carry in your inventory, or
would you regard it as without redeeming value?

inquiring minds, etc.....


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