Early Book Humor

> on Amazon.com
> Publisher: Cupples & Leon (January 1, 0008)

Well, even the most callow bookseller should recognize this as a typo.

The Cupples & Leon imprint did not even *exist* before March, 0018, when
Ximendes Cupples bought out Ioshua Leon's earlier partner, Tiberius
Calpurnius Tiso. The Cupples & Leon imprint was very successful- among
their best selling titles were "Everything You Need to Know About
Investing in Pompeiian Real Estate", "Lead Pipework for the Noble Home",
and "Gladiators for Dummies". The partnership was abruptly terminated in
February, 0019 when Cupples, while researching "Gladiators for Dummies
-II", was sat on by a bored elephant.

-Forrest, Bibliogrofer

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