Laurel K. Hamilton signing at B&N in LB Wed 20060712

Got there after 7, #231 got to her at just before 10, 2 books only, then back in line 2 times and done at 10:30, could have easily gotten more done, if I'd brought any more. The usual crew with their bags of books at the end of the line going thru 3 or 4 times. Hamilton was very nice, polite, looks just like her photo, jumped up to get a photo with just about every other person - which certainly added to the time in line, but she didn't really take any actual breaks, so it worked out about the same I think. Wasn't sure I was going to go, but at the end decided the fencing studio/salle was just about done anyway. Read Over the Hedge book #3 cartoons in it's entirety while in line and started a collection of short stories all the new dark fantasy women authors, Kim Harrison, Kelly Armstrong, 2 more. Run fairly well, as a line not by number which was ok, but would have liked to get a bite and come back. B&N didn't seem to care if you purchased anything, so I didn't. I'll get the new one later, cheap bastard that I am. Wish I'd had a chance to ask Alex or Debbie if they wanted a copy of the new book, could easily have gotten one... ah well.

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